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Embracing the “Sea Change”

One day you’re travelling to work, crammed into an underground commuter train like a smelly sock in a packed dirty linen basket. You arrive at work, grabbing a $4 coffee. You wait in the queue of subdued suits for the elevator. You swipe your pass to select your floor and find yourself in autopilot as you step off at Level 4 and swipe through the next door. You walk through the open plan office. A quiet hum. Switch computer on. Fill water bottle. Greet colleagues. Sit at desk. Check email. Delete email. Delete ‘your mailbox is nearly full’ email, for the fiftieth time in the last month. Go to meetings. Answer phone. Screen calls. Lunch. Phew. Oh but no time to leave the building.

And so it goes on…until hometime. Head down, scurry out of office avoiding ‘a quick question’ on your way out. Into elevator. Into fresh air – notice the weather for the first time in eight hours. Daylight.

The next day. Hop in car to work. Work is on Sydney harbour. On a beach. On the water. Breathe in the fresh air..and relax. Learning the ropes involves launching kayaks into the harbour waters… and going for a dawn paddle before work.

Corporate ship officially jumped. I’m pretty excited about this change.

When I first left home to head to university (years ago) my mother gave me a card with a Mark Twain quote on it. I’m not sure she meant for it to ring through my mind so much, in so many decisions, but here it is and I love it… and isn’t the nautical theme apt?

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.


Dawn on Middle Harbour


Kepa Acero – surfing with penguins

How would you fancy going for a paddle in Antarctic waters? On his latest adventure, Kepa Acero, Basque surfer and explorer did just that… What a happy chappy.

“Tan importante como vivir la experiencia personal, es compartirla” – enjoy sharing 3 minutes of South Pole stoke in this short clip.

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The Reef – the power of music and surf

I was very lucky to receive some pretty awesome Christmas presents. I posted about the Tom Wegener Surfie earlier this week. Another gift – this time from my husband – was a ticket to The Reef, March 4th, at Sydney Opera House. Have a look at the synopsis and trailer below. It looks and sounds inspirational.

In May, Richard Tognetti took a crew of surfers, musicians and film makers to Ningaloo Reef, where the desert meets the sea. They spent two unforgettable weeks surfing, making music and filming and the result is The Reef.

Immerse yourself in Jon Frank’s images of the ocean, the world’s best fin-free surfers, the arid desert landscape and the starry sky, as an incredible array of music swirls around you. It alters your perception of a classical music concert through the prism of a transcendental surf film. You’ll never forget it.

It looks like some tickets are still available here – check it out.

Surfie and kombi

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Finless is faster

My husband and I were totally blown away with a joint wedding/Christmas gift we received from my brother last year. The Tom Wegener surfie arrived at our apartment in Sydney and, wrapped in bubble wrap, with ‘Tom Wegener’ as the sender’s address, I guessed (wishfully) at its contents and begged to open it before Christmas…but wasn’t allowed.

We packed it in Luna the kombi for our Christmas road trip and come Christmas day, the surfie was unveiled. We headed straight down to Marengo Beach, beside our campsite on the Great Ocean Road to give it a test run. The waves were tiny. No surfing was on the cards. But the surfie prevailed with hours of fun, catching the smallest of barrelling surf. When you catch a wave, you absolutely fly along, and with no fins to wedge in the sand,  you can take it super shallow if you so wish.

And what’s more, no roof racks required, no sticky wax on car seats and the joy of riding a beautifully crafted, personalised piece of wood. Oh, not to mention, the smallest of surf forecasts doesn’t matter.

We are hooked.

The testing of the Surfie’s limits continues and we’re stoked to have become a little part of the wooden board movement… Thank you J (and thank you Tom!) x


Surfie and kombi